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Raheem D presents his fantastic “Justin Bieber: The Mashup Mixtape” after literally years of piecing it together to give you some of the best Justin Bieber mashups of all time. Whether you’re a Belieber or just a person that loves a good mashup, you won’t be disappointed! This mixtape features hit mashups such as the viral phenomenon Justin Bieber Vs *NSYNC “Girlfriend Boyfriend” which was quickly shared by MTV, Ryan Seacrest, Perez Hilton and even Lance Bass from the boy-band! In addition to this, it features legendary and iconic artists Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, One Direction and many more. And last but not least, the beautiful mashup between Justin Bieber and Ne-Yo that Bieber shared via his Twitter and Facebook “Fa La La Sexy Love”. So make sure to get your hands on this Mixtape as it is most certainly an hour of pure joy putting a creative spin on some of the best Bieber songs made.


#tbt when scooter asked me to take this down from the internet

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